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"It is our mission to help all women feel comfortable in their own skin.”

- Mrs CEO’s K & J


KJCOUTURE™ was founded in 2013 by best friends, Kim & Jeanine, who aptly named themselves "The Mrs CEOS". They started out as a small online clothing boutique and quickly expanded into women’s shapewear. With their passion for fashion and a mission to help all women feel comfortable in their own skin, K&J knew these two avenues were a perfect match to help women not only feel good on the inside but also look good on the outside. They believe you don’t have to have a stars salary to get their style, so they committed themselves to bring the latest celebrity designer inspired fashion trends that wont break the bank. With Kim being from Colombia, felt it was an organic transition to share her “Secret to a Tiny Waist” with their customers. This eventually led to launching their very own line of shapewear in the Fall of 2014. Having tried nearly every waist trainer on the market and armed with knowledge and personal experience, they designed the KJC FAJA. They wanted theirs to stand out from the rest, not just the overall appearance but with Quality Materials as well. Wearing KJCOUTURE™ shapewear underneath their wide selection of celebrity inspired fashion will have you feeling and looking like a million bucks.

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Born and raised in Bogota, Colombia, Kim came to the United States at the age of 13 in hopes to fulfill her American Dream in the fashion industry. After giving birth to a beautiful baby girl, Kim’s mother made sure she started waist training with a FAJA to get her pre-baby body back. This is very popular in Colombia, so she was familiar with the product and is a huge reason as to how she maintains a tiny waist to this day. Kim started out working in the insurance and financial industry, but always knew her heart was in fashion. Little did she know she would meet her Partner in Crime, Jeanine, where together they created a vision that will change women’s lives and provide access to some of the hottest celebrity styles at affordable prices for women all around the world.



This Bay Area native is a force to be reckoned with. Having a background in the corporate world most recently Netflix, Jeanine has armed herself with the experience and knowledge of business management. She is very disciplined when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle and motivating women to do the same by documenting her daily routines and sharing her tips and tricks across all social media platforms. Having had 2 kids of her own she understands completely how a women’s body can change physically as well as the emotional impact. Jeanine also shares the same passion for fashion as Kim. As they started on their business venture working long days and nights to build their brand, Jeanine had noticed Kim waist training one day and had to get more insight on the product. Kim insisted she try it out and within a week Jeanine noticed results. She knew this could revolutionize the way women feel about their bodies.


With their focus and hard work together, K&J continue to provide the latest in shapewear and fashion and empowering women worldwide.


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